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Shock and vibration emissions should be reduced to a minimum when transporting a painting.  What are the right vibration prevention techniques and packaging to achieve this? How could the processes involved in transporting the paintings be improved?

The transport of a particularly fragile painting from the collection at the Museum of Fine Arts in Berne was monitored by the latest measuring technology.  The results serve to establish the cause of damage in the event of an insurance claim, they also help determine the effectiveness of the vibration protection techniques, packaging and modes of transport used.

(Top photo) The painting was given customized vibration protection because of the particular elevations in the paint layer (comprising sand and oil paint mixed with commercial filler) and, exceptionally, tilted slightly backwards.  The atmosphere and the shock and vibration emissions were recorded throughout the entire journey (at a high resolution) in the transport frame, as well as the inner and outer box.  The vibrations of the painting itself were also measured.  (Middle and bottom photos) The method of loading and removing the painting is particularly important, when loading it in the airport and selecting the route and method of transport.

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