Transportkunst - Fragile Gemälde auf Reisen

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Interdisciplinary research project

The number of exhibitions being organized worldwide is part of today’s culture.  The volume of art in transit worldwide is continually growing.  As a result, artworks are being exposed to major risks and pressures.  Is it possible to transport art and ensure it will not be damaged in transit? What are the right packaging methods and modes of transport to ensure safety?

The research project Transport of fragile paintings emphasizes material composition and fragility of artwork.  The interdisciplinary research team – backed by a Swiss insurer and companies specializing in transporting art – is investigating how often and in what way irreplaceable paintings can be moved without sustaining any lasting damage. The project focuses particularly on how shocks and vibration can affect fragile paintings.  The researchers will use a new simulation technique to establish the risk of damage, check current prevention strategies and develop new ones.


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