Research team


Nathalie Bäschlin

HKB BFH, Dipl. Conservation/Restoration FH, Project manager

Graduated from the Höhere Schule für Gestaltung HFG Berne in 1992. Involved in conservation and restoration work, art-technology research projects and assistant lecturer at museums and research institutes in and outside Switzerland. Conservator at the Museum of Fine Arts Berne since 2000 and accompanying professor for Conservation and Restoration since 2002.  Head of research projects since 2009.

Matthias Läuchli

Matthias Läuchli

HKB BFH, Dipl. Conservation/Restoration FH, Team manager Conservation and Restoration

Graduated from HKB BFH in 2004. Conservation and restoration. Member of staff of the Atelier für Konservierung und Restaurierung Kaufmann, Muri AG since 2007. Member of the academic staff at HKB BFH since 2010.



Cornelius Palmbach

HKB BFH, Dipl. Conservation/Restoration

Graduated from HKB BFH in 2007. Subject of thesis: Measurement of transport-related vibrations on textile supports.  Worked on conservation and restoration in the Privatatelier ACR from 2007-2008. Research assistant for a BFH project from 2008-2009. 2009-2010 Assistant conservator at the  Swiss Institute for Art Research (SIK-ISEA). Research assistant at HKB since 2010.

Anita Hoess

Anita Hoess

HKB BHF, Dipl. Conservation/Restoration.

Graduated from the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden in 2005. lecturer for Conservation and Restoration (specializing in paintings and sculpture) at HKB, conservator at the Museum of Fine Arts Lucerne and freelance painting conservator.
Involved in the transport of fragile paintings project.  specialization: research in packaging and rear side protection materials and systems.

Claudia Bäschlin

Claudia Bäschlin

HKB BFH, lic.phil.hist., Art historian

1985-87 Completed a Restoration course in Florence. 1995-2002 Course in Art History, History and Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Fribourg, Switzerland.  2002 Licentiate at the University of Fribourg.
Assistant project manager and administrator.


Marcel Ryser

BFH-TI, Dipl.El.-Ing. FH, Teamleitung ifms

2008 Lehre als Elektroniker abgeschlossen
2012 BSc Elektrotechnik an der Berner Fachhochschule
Seit 2012 Mitarbeiter beim Institut für mechatronische Systeme (ifms)



Thomas Fankhauser

BFH-TI, Dipl. Electrical Engineering FH, Team leader ifms

Graduated from Hochschule für Technik und Architektur Burgdorf in 2002. Member of academic staff at the Institute of Mechatronic Systems (ifms) since 2003.

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